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Knowing better, caring better

Senara HomeCare helps you as a senior citizen stay independent. You want to live in your own home in a safe way for as long as possible with the help of your family and friends. Senara HomeCare can help you achieve that. Sensara is a simple online lifestyle monitor that warns family, friends or neighbors in the event you need assistance in your home. Enjoy your independence with the help of Sensara. It give your family peace of mind regarding your healht and safety when they are not able to be physically present. Sensara HomeCare also alerts you of potential health risks such as increased risk of falling or the possibility of dehydrating. Early detection of such risks is a proactive way to prevent more serious complications. Prevention is better than recovery.

I don’t have to call every day to see how my mother is doing, if she’s eating and sleeping well because the app provides that information to me. Instead our conversation revolve around how her grandchildren are doing. Which makes for a much nicer conversation.

How Sensara Works

Senara HomeCare is easy to install and extremely user friendly. The secure app offers a clear overview of loved ones’ daily activities. Our software wil recognize the individual’s daily patterns and only sends an alarm when necessary. Your family, friends and/or neighbors are not troubled by false alarms.

We respect your privacy. We don’t use cameras or microphones, just simple wireless motion sensors. We provide a connection to our system and an alarm button in case of an emergency. We respect your privacy so you decide who has access to your information.

Sensara is certified by the Dutch telecom market leader KPN on both privacy and internet security, a reassuring thought.

Easy to use


I didn’t think I needed Sensara HomeCare. Just the other day I didn’t feel well and stayed in bed. My daughter received a message. She called to see if I was ok and decided to stop by to check on me. It is a great feeling to know that someone is keeping an eye on me

What Sensara does for you

Allows you to feel safe in your own home with the help of our monitoring system. If there is an emergency with a simple push of a button Sensara will alert the propor athorities. That is what Sensara can do for you.

For your loved ones it is a comfort to know how you are doing when they are not with you. They will worry less and experience less stress. A win win situation for everyone involved.

Want to know more about Sensara HomeCare?

Sensara HomeCare is available from €10 per month and a one time fee of €100 for the apartment sensor set. You need an internet connection for Sensara HomeCare to work, if you don’t have internet we have a modem available for European customers.

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