About Sensara

History of Sensara

15 years ago, the Dutch Scientific Institute TNO began researching how to support senior citizens with smart sensor technology. This technology would allow vulnerable senior citizen to maintain control of their lives in their own homes; with the main objective to provide freedom, independence and privacy. In the international European research project Rosetta, the predecessor of Sensara, was first tested in the market. Our current CTO Irek Karkowski was the lead researcher of the Rosetta project. These 15 years of research and market experience is what sets us apart. In 2013 Sensara was founded as a spin-off from the TNO research and Rosetta project. We transferred the knowledge into marketable products for the consumer and professional care market. Sensara offers a solution for the elderly who don’t need nursing care at the moment, elderly people that currently receive some home care, local communities to support their elderly population, and nursing homes. By introducing innovative solutions, we strive to provide outstanding affordable care for everyone.

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What Sensara does (the technical explanation)

The Sensara system receives the signals from the sensors. The software examines all the present and past signals and determines if certain profiles are occurring. Sensara uses specific profiles that are certified by the VU University Hospital in Amsterdam. Should Sensara determine one of the profiles is occurring a message is sent to the app including an explanation. If you are connected to a care institution, they may also receive these messages and provide better care based on the additional information. By continuously receiving signals the software “learns” about the individual behaviour and automatically adjusts to changing patterns over time. Therefore we can reduce the false alarms up to 90%. Less false alarms mean quicker response when a real alarm is triggered.

We want to do our part in allowing the elderly to live in their own home safely for as long as possible, and assist their support system.

– Reinout Engelberts, CEO at Sensara –

Better care for everyone

For the elderly:

  • Living longer at home safely and with your mind at ease.
  • A friendly eye on things without the use of camera’s.
  • Decide yourself who sees which information.
  • No more phone calls about how you are doing, but real conversations.

For the family and friends:

  • Your mind at ease knowing that everything is fine, even when you cannot be there.
  • Safety for your father or mother with an alarm when help is needed.
  • Catching the little things before they become big discomforts.

For the health care professional:

  • Insight even when you are not there, without invading someone’s privacy.
  • Automatic early detection of crisis situations that can be avoided.

The algorithm is based on the behaviour of the individual, therefore, it can detect health risks well before crisis arises and significantly reduces false alerts.

-Irek Karkowski Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Sensara-

Your privacy is well taken care of

We don’t use cameras or microphones. You decide who receives your information. Your data is safely stored in an ISO-certified data centre and will not be sold to third parties. Dutch telecom operator KPN certified our privacy and internet security.

Knowing better, caring better