Knowing how Joe manages on his own

They just made it to their 50-year wedding anniversary. The celebration was how they always wanted it in their garden in Florida. Sadly, soon after, she passed away. Now Joe is on his own for the first time in 50 years. Sensara HomeCare registered a decline in kitchen activity, meals being skipped and he hardly left the house. His son Jack, who lives in San Francisco, received a notification in his app and contacted his father’s doctor. During a house call, Joe acknowledged that he was lacking a routine for dinner and outdoor activities. As a result, Joe lost a lot of weight and hardly came outside. Through his local church, he started getting cooking classes and support in household planning. Joe now cooks every day and even sometimes as a volunteer at the local soup kitchen.

I wouldn't want a webcam, that would be an invasion on my father's privacy.
Then I heard about Sensara, that is perfect for me.

Joe is using Sensara HomeCare

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