KPN Ventures invests in intelligent care monitoring solution Sensara


KPN Ventures has invested in Sensara, a producer of intelligent senior lifestyle monitoring for preventive care and personalised alarm services, based on movement sensors and self-learning algorithms. This investment is in line with KPN Ventures’ strategy to invest in e-health and connected home services and KPN’s conviction that innovative ICT solutions can contribute significantly to improving healthcare services and increasing people’s autonomy even in the face of illness or old age.

The Sensara solution enables senior care institutions and home care organizations to improve the quality of care by preventing crisis situations with early detection of changes in lifestyle. The solution enables elderly people to live in their home independently for a longer time, a growing need as societies age and the people in those societies grow increasingly older. The product consists of data from a set of sensors (no camera’s), a self-learning algorithm that recognizes individual behaviour patterns and detects important deviations, and an application that sends notifications to alert caretakers or family members. Sensara’s service enables care providers to determine more quickly and more precisely whether and what type of problems the elderly person is experiencing, after which preventive measures can be taken. Sensara combines preventive healthcare with a personalised passive alarm service.


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Local governments provide Sensara HomeCare for the elderly community

With the change of the Dutch law in 2015, local governments now have the responsibility to provide the elderly with the means to be independent and stay in their own home as long as possible. In addition to this, governments are required to relieve the pressure and stress of friends and family while trying to make this possible. Thanks to Sensara HomeCare, this can be attainable through our system of early detection which will support the likelihood of the elderly being able to safely stay home longer. Sensara HomeCare is a smart learning system that can detect a change in daily routines which could help prevent or quickly manage crisis situations such as social isolation, urinary tract infections (UTI) or daytime/nighttime confusion. This detection is communicated through the ‘’app’’ which gives the caregivers insight of the wellbeing of their loved ones. Research done by Vilans proves that Sensara HomeCare has a positive effect on reducing the stress of the caregivers.

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