Reducing fall risk at McFarlan with Sensara


Sensara and McFarlan, part of Presbyterian Villages of Michigan, have recently signed an agreement for a three months pilot study at their assisted living facility in Flint, MI.

Kelly Price, Administrator: “McFarlan Home appreciates the opportunity to pilot the second location in the USA for Sensara. We are very excited and expect great benefits for both residents and employees. We are expecting that our high fall risk residents will have a reduction in falls, improved quality of sleep, and improved quality of life. Employees will benefit by having increased efficiency in delivering care and assist with preventing falls.”

In the week of May 15th , Sensara (Paul Ruijgt, Business development director) started with the installations of the motion sensors, organized a kick-off and information session and supported the nurses with training on the job during the day, evening and night to get them more comfortable with using this new technology.

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